Bridal Shower

Made of Honor

The import and Role of the Maid of Honor is to Help the Bride with the Wedding Planning…

This include a lot of things…From shopping for dresses until prepare the full Party.
Remember this day is very important to her and she wants everything to be more than perfect .
The reason she chose you is because she feels and trusts you can handle the situation very well.
Just keep in mind, there are some specific duties that the Maid of Honor is to perform:

-Host the Bridal Shower
-Help the Bride get dressed on her wedding day.
-Bouquet , Ring wedding …. Holds these items during the wedding ceremony.
-Help with the receptions.
-Witnesses the signing of the marriage licence.
-And the more important detail , keep your self together and try to keep those brides maids in line.

If you are a Maid of Honor , We can help you to make all the process of selection to the destination of her perfect day.

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